5.12 Acres Rural Land Just 14 Min From Lancaster!! Land For Sale With Terms! Sold

  • $8,999 Cash or $1,500 Down
  • 223,027.2 sqft

➻ Property Description:

Don’t Miss out on this opportunity! You practically can do anything you want over here!

The time is now to fulfill your dream of purchasing your very own piece of land!

Enjoy your peace and privacy while only being 14 minutes away from local amenities in the city of Lancaster.

Did you know that the State Flower for California is a Poppy? Visit the popular Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve State Park only 32 minutes away!

Bring your family and friends to the highly rated Apollo Community Regional Park (54-acre park with 3 man-made lakes for fishing & boating plus play equipment & walking paths) only 22 minutes away!

Have you ever heard of a musical road? Bring along your loved ones to experience the magic that is only 15 minutes away! Simply drive over the strategically placed grooves that produce musical notes.

If you are in the stage in your life where you want to transition from the chaos of city life into a peaceful countryside setting, then you might just be the right investor! This 5.12-acre lot is located in the reputable county of Los Angeles for the economical price of $8,999! Don’t need that much land? It can be split into two side by side 2.56 acre lots for $4,999 each! However, to secure the utmost peace and privacy we recommend teaming up with a friend or family member and co-buying it. If done so, the total cost can be split in half for $4,499 per parcel! Don’t have the cash amount at hand? No problem! We offer easy financing. Consider the following options:

$1,500 down with low monthly payments of $202.19 for 60 months.


$2,000 down with low monthly payments of $182.02 for 60 months!

¡The possibilities are endless!

Buying rural land is an exciting privilege! There are several things you will finally be able to do when you own rural property. Can you envision you and your loved ones planting a garden or orchard? Gardens are amazing things! Growing your own food can help you eat healthier. Nature has a huge impact on our health and wellness! You can go out there and have a BBQ and camp. You can sing at the top of your lungs with no one hearing. In the city this may be embarrassing, but in the countryside, who is there to hear you? If you want to sing, or practice your musical instruments, go right ahead.

Imagine this! It’s a breezy summer night. You and your family are driving to your private subdivided lot to enjoy a BBQ. While out there, you benefit from a variety of activities. You bring out your quads, dirt bikes and 5th wheels. Or have the freedom and safety of shooting your firearms in your open space. As the sun goes down, you enjoy the starlit sky with a unique view of the city lights in the horizon.

With the challenging times, it’s never been a better time to pursue this dynamic alternate way of living!

➻ Property Details:

*. County: Los Angeles.
*. Cash Price: $8,999.
*. Payment Options:
   -. $1,500 down with low monthly payments of $202.19 for 60 months.
   -. $2,000 down with low monthly payments of $182.02 for 60 months.
*. Google Maps Coordinates: 34.772193, -118.058625.
*. Closest Street: 40th Street E.
*. Zip Code: 93535.
*. Plus Code: QWCR+VH Lancaster, California.
*. Size: 5.12 Acres = 223,027.2 sq ft.
*. Zoning: A-2-2 Heavy Agricultural.

➻ Amenities/Nearby Attractions:

*. Tierra Bonita Elementary School: 11 min / 6.7 miles.
*. Whit Carter Park: 14 min / 9.6 miles.
*. McDonald´s: 14 min / 8 miles.
*. Walmart Supercenter: 15 min / 8 miles.
*. Eastside High School: 15 min / 7.9 miles.
*. Wells Fargo Bank: 15 min / 8.1 miles.
*. Stater Bros. Market: 15 min / 8.1 miles.
*. USA Gasoline Station: 15 min / 8.2 miles.
*. High Desert Regional Health Center: 15 min / 8.7 miles.
*. Mays Field: 15 min / 8.9 miles.
*. Antelope Valley High School: 16 min / 9.4 miles.
*. Lancaster National Soccer Center: 17 min / 9.1 miles.
*. University Of Antelope Valley: 18 min / 11.4 miles.
*. Piute Ponds: 19 min / 9.9 miles.
*. Antelope Valley Hospital: 19 min / 13.3 miles.
*. The Home Depot: 19 min / 13.2 miles.
*. Los Angeles County Office / Lancaster: 20 min / 11.5 miles.
*. Target: 22 min / 12.9 miles.
*. Apollo Community Park: 22 min / 13.7 miles.
*. Costco Wholesale: 22 min / 15.4 miles.
*. Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park: 23 min / 13.4 miles.

➻ Utilities:

*. Electricity: N/A.
*. Water: N/A.
*. Sewer: N/A.

$8,999 Cash or $1,500 Down
QWCR+VH Lancaster, California
Lancaster, California 93535
Square Feet:
Lot Size:
5.12 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:
Const. Type:
A-2-2 Heavy Agricultural

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