Build 2 Homes! 4.4 Acres of Land For Sale in Sun Village, CA! (Full Utilities) Sold

  • $49,999 Cash or $5,000 Down
  • 193,406.4 sqft


➻ Property Description:

Bring 2 Mobile Homes on 4.4 Acres of Land in Sun Village, California!

From the view of this unique property you will enjoy the beautiful mountain views of Los Angeles National Forest!

Just 10 mins away from Local Restaurants and Walmart Supercenter, this Subdivided Pair of Parcels is a great opportunity to develop your dream of Property Ownership!

A great place for your children to grow up and enjoy larger acreage, this property is leveraged with Little Rock High School Being only 1 MILE AWAY!

Imagine raising your own Chickens, Dogs, and Horses away from noisy neighbors, smog, and constant Los Angeles Traffic! Also think of just simply Growing your own crops with a Greenhouse In Your Backyard!

There are many activities you can do in the area! Think of hiking through the beautiful trails of Juniper Hills and the Notorious Los Angeles National Forest!

Or maybe you prefer fishing with your Family and Friends just 10 Minutes away to Palmdale Lake!

How about having a blast at the nearby Water Parks from the ever growing City of Palmdale, California! (just 15 Minutes away).

Your property comes with full utilities such as Electricity, Water, and Gas in Front of it!

The Corners are Marked, the property is Flat and ready to Develop!

There is Access on All Sides, and a Paved Road Directly in Front. (East Avenue S).

Do You work In Los Angeles? It’s only 1 Hour and 5 Minutes from this Property.

San Bernardino? Just 55 Minutes from it all!

You can Take the 138 Hwy out of the area very quickly! Now that you have seen the value let us tell you about the price!

A Single Acre of Land just down the street with similar utilities usually sells for Over $35,000!

If you Message Us Today we’ll sell (BOTH OF THESE 2.2 ACRE LOTS) to you for just $24,999 Each!

If that’s too expensive we’re willing to carry the loan for as low as $5,000 Down for Both Of Them! We can meet at Our Office in Victorville, CA for the Paperwork. Below is a more detailed description of the nearby amenities, activities, and finance options!

Call or text us at the following number: (909) 360 – 47 07
*We will help you in English & Spanish as well*

For detailed information you can also contact our email:

➻ Amenities/Nearby Attractions:

*. Valero Gas Station: 7 min / 3.1 miles.
*. SunVillage Market: 6 min / 3.6 miles.
*. Mobil: 13 min / 7.1 miles.
*. ATM: 4 min / 2.1 miles.
*. National Link Inc.: 9 min / 5.5 miles.
*. Antelope Elementary School: 3 min / 1.1 miles.
*. Littlerock High School: 2 min / 1.3 miles.
*. Super Store 6: 4 min / 2.1 miles.
*. Dollar General: 6 min / 3.7 miles.
*. Target: 14 min / 8.5 miles.
*. Walmart Supercenter: 12 min / 8.1 miles.
*. Stater Bros. Markets: 14 min / 8 miles.
*. Littlerock Community Clinic: 9 min / 5.2 miles.
*. United States Postal Service: 10 min / 5.9 miles.
*. Palmdale Regional Airport: 20 min / 13.4 miles.
*. Sun Village Downtown: 2 min / 1.3 miles.
*. Palmdale, CA: 14 min / 8.8 miles.
*. Los Angeles, CA: 52 min / 55.4 miles.

➻ Property Details:

*. County: Los Angeles, CA.
*. Price: $49,999.
*. Market Value: Over $70,000*.
*. Finance Options:
   -. $5,000 Down with monthly payments of $540.08 a month for 15 years.
   -. $6,000 Down with monthly payments of $500 a month for 15 years.
   -. $7,000 Down with monthly payments of $472.83 a month for 15 years.
   -. $10,000 Down with monthly payments of $455.21 a month for 12 years.
*. Google Maps Coordinates: 34.556919, -117.935431
*. Closest Street: E Ave S.
*. Zip Code: 93543.
*. Plus Code: H347+QR Palmdale, California, USA.
*. Size: 4.44 Acres = 193,406.4 square feets.
*. Zoning: A-2-1 Heavy Agriculture.

➻ Utilities:

*. Electricity: Overhead (3 power poles in front).

*. Water: Hydrant Close.

*. Gas Line: In front of the property.

*. Sewer: Septic can be applied.


$49,999 Cash or $5,000 Down
H347+QR Palmdale, California, USA
Sun Village, California 93543
Square Feet:
Lot Size:
4.44 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:
Const. Type:
A-2-1 Heavy Agriculture

Additional Features

Utilities: Water - Power - Gas Line.

Call (909) 360-4707 for more details

Property Location