Private 2.5 Acre Land for sale in Sun Village, CA For Sale

  • $14999

Have you been looking for a great spot to build your dream house? Located in the beautiful California desert, this vacant lot has everything that is needed. It’s close enough to town but far away from any traffic or construction headaches.

The real estate market is booming, and it’s just going to get better. While your dollar depreciates in value

To protect your hard-earned income here’s a real asset that will never decrease in value and has the potential to increase with city development around it

This 2.5 acres in Sun Village, California has some of the best Year-round weather you will ever experience with an average temperature ranging between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. This land also provides privacy and is close to many amenities such as shopping centres, hospitals, schools -just name it; there’s no place like home sweet home on this acreage paradise situated by miles upon miles of breathtaking ocean views too good for words at sunset or sunrise every day

Sun Village is a hidden gem located in California. The location itself offers amazing views, perfect weather all year round with plenty of things to do when you’re not by the pool or beach. The best part about this paradise? It’s only an hour-and-a-half drive from Los Angeles which means there are always great restaurants close by as well as lots more shopping malls

Mobile Homes and Accessory structures are allowed.

Amenities/Nearby Attractions:o
Chevron Gas Station: 11Minutes/8.2Miles
Wilsona Elementary School:13Minutes/12Miles
Palmdale Medical Center:17Minutes/11Miles

CVS Pharmacy: 11Minutes/7.8Miles
California Fish Grill:21Minutes/15Miles
Dry Town Water Park:15Minutes/9.5Miles
Lake Los Angeles: 10minutes/8.7Miles

Four Aces Movie Ranch:8Minutes/2.7Miles
Saddleback Butte State Park: 15Minutes/14Miles
Antelope Valley Mall: 20Minutes/15Miles
Domennic Massari Park:10Minutes/7.1Miles



1. From Los Angeles State Historic Park, head northeast on N Spring toward Baker St.
2. Turn left onto the Interstate 5 N ramp and merge onto I-5 N.
3. Keep left to stay on I-5 N and keep left at the fork to stay on I-5.
4. Use the right 3 lanes to take exit 162 for CA-14 N toward Palmdale/Lancaster.
5. Keep left to stay on CA-14 N and take exit 30 toward Pearblossom Hwy/Sierra Hwy.
6. Keep left, follow signs for Pearblossom/Littlerock/Victorville.7.Merge onto Pearblossom Hwy/Sierra Hwy and continue straight onto E Ave T.
8. Turn left onto 87th St. E and turn right onto Palmdale Blvd.
9. Then lastly, turn left onto 110th St. E and turn left onto E Ave. Q.


Corner 1: 34°48’42.4″N 117°25’56.5″W – Google Maps

Corner 2: 34°52’25.8″N 117°19’32.2″W – Google Maps

Corner 3: 34°52’25.8″N 117°19’32.2″W – Google Maps

Corner 4:  34°52’29.2″N 117°19’39.7″W – Google Maps

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Palmdale, CA 93951
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